DogpatchQuilting Mailing Address

1123 Shannon Dr., Newton NC 28658        

Phone 828-461-8723 or 336-473-1765

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1904 Rankin Ave

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DogpatchQuilting Mailing Address

1123 Shannon Dr, Newton NC 28658        

Phone 336-473-1765

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home​

Ladies from Trinity Baptist Church held a Sole Hope Cutting Party. Sole Hope helps create jobs to shoemakers and tailors, while providing shoes to help prevent jiggers. Your pants (and parties) can help...

Women of the Bible 

Join Wanda Monthly at Dogpatch Quilting

She discusses four blocks of Women of the Bible.  Attendees make a block that represents these women.  

Join anytime.  A book of patterns is $25 

Our Plain & Fancy Block of the Month

Dogpatch   Quilting

Our  2015 Hang10Dawg! Row by Row Instructions, License and Block now Available to order online

Our HQ 18 in Action

Recent Quilts that were Quilted by Dogpatch Quilting

Now available.

 Join us in making a nine month Plain & Fancy Block of the month that will make a 82" square Carpenter's Wheel Quilt ($22.00). Call Wanda (838) 461-8723 or Linda (336) 473-1765 for details.

Wall Hanging Applique Angel

Laser Cut Kits 

available, (without the dove). Wanda added the dove to this one to be given as a memorial

Specializing In Longarm Quilting

Edge to Edge Quilting  $0.02 Per Sq Inch

Custom Quilting $0.04 Per Sq Inch

Attach Binding $0.10 Per Linear Inch

Machine Finished Binding  $0.10 Per Inch

$50 Minimum 

​Labels  $15 - $25

Fabrics ~ Notions ~ Classes ~ Block of the Month

1904 Rankin Ave

Newton NC 28658

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Our daily winners from the Mid Carolina RunShop Hop
Melissa Shaw
Jean Quinn
Rhonda Boyd
Lori Baker
Ann Annsworth
Dianne Black 
And Jan Hutchison for Dogpatch's weekly prize.
We hope to announce additional winners after tonight's Mid Carolina Run Shop Hop wrap up meeting

On the frame today

Quilts and wall hangings

Home Sweet Home​

We love animals. Both Wanda and Linda have owned dogs. Our dogs have passed. Currently both of us own cats. This is a tribute to our dogs.

Life starts on earth with grass and trees and a dog house. The sun gives us life. The next level represents climbing the rainbow stairs that represent the Rainbow Bridge. Search online for one of many Rainbow Bridge poems for those that have lost pets.

The top of our Row By Row is our interpretation of Heaven as quoted in Revelations 21.

Foundations of the city walls were decorate with every kind of precious stone. Rev 21:19
It had a Great High Wall 21:12
Our large white Pearl is a representation of the single Pearl of each Gate. Rev. 21:21.
Cross represents the Glory of God that gives the Heavens light. Rev. 21:23

Shop Hop Door Prize

Laurie Treif is our Winner.  She was the first to bring a completed 2015 Row By Row Quilt to Dogpatch Quilting.
Laurie is from Idaho now living in Ft Mill

Store Hours ​

Tue - Fri  10-5

Sat 10-2

Linda 336-473-1765

Wanda 828-461-8723

After Hours available on call

Our Handi Quilter HQ 18 Avante with Pro-Stitcher

Row By Row Starts

June 21, 2016​

Row by Row runs

June 21 - Sept. 6

Stop by for your free pattern Tuesday

We have kits $20 and license plates $6

 This landscape Row by Row will take you to the beach. The  instructions to make this 9" x 36" row project. This Kit will make a beautiful mini Wall Hanging can be orderd HERE
*The Kits available at Dogpatch Quilting  or order online now. Our Kit includes instructions and fabric that will be shipped for $30. Our design is Copyright protected.  .  
 Click here for order form

Award Winning Quilts at Hickory NC American Legion Fair Quilted by Dogpatch Quilting

"Church Ladies" Fabric in stock

 Pieced by Juanita 

Quilted by Dogpatch Quilting

Dogpatch Quilting is Honored to be a Quilt of Valor Longarm Volunteer Quilter

For more information on QOV go to Quilt of Valor

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