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December 2017 Newsletter

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Editor - Alan "The Husband"

What is Christmas?

It is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, son of God, and the love He brought to us. It also brings church services, cantata, families gatherings, dinners, gifts, travel, sadness, mistletoe, Christmas tree, donations,  drink, decorations and happy memories.  Take a minute to think of your happiest childhood memory of Christmas.

How many of us found the Santa gifts before Christmas? How many of us tried to open and reseal a gift before Christmas? Linda opened a gift before Christmas. Her dad came into the room as she was resealing. He was very upset. Knowing Linda as I do, I bet she talked her way out of it. My brother and I had been playing in the house on a bad weather day. We were playing hide and seek. Our house was not that big with limited places to hide. I hid in my parents small closet. To my surprise a bag of presents was hanging in a bag on the wall. Now we are talking very small closet. Me and the gifts and a handful of clothes was all that could fit in there. After my brother found me, I located my mom. I had a huge smile on my face. She knew I had been up to no good. She said you found it (meaning the presents). She was upset but got tickled at that same time. We were at the age that Santa was a big thing. I did not spoil it for my brother.

Christmas eve did not allow us to open any presents, only Christmas morning. We would go to bed as early as possible but neither of us could sleep with the anticipation of getting some gifts under the tree in the morning.

Linda remembers getting a Chatty Cathy. I bet Chatty Cathy didn't get to talk very much with her. My brother and I loved to play cowboys. Christmas always included a new cap pistol.

My loneliest Christmas was in Vietnam. My first Christmas away from home. I felt I was living the days of the birth of Christ. It was a serious time. No family, no friends, no gifts, no Christmas Eve gatherings, just me in a world with no one. Yes, there were others there but to me it was sad but I was fulfilled. We had been in the field but came back to base camp for the holiday. I was surprised to see a Charlie Brown tree back at camp. Not sure where it was found. The Jungle did not have any. It made it more tolerable.

Hope you enjoy your holidays.  Remember soldiers in your prayers. They will feel your love.

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As many of you know, I am a professional BBQ Judge.  I also instruct competition brisket, ribs and pork for the North Carolina BBQ Society.  I am including how to cook a great brisket.  You can cook in a smoker or inside in your home oven if you do not like smoke.  The results are great either way.

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'QOV Presented toVeteran at Heart of the Triad Quild Guild'

PS:  After Christmas, Linda is taking a week or wo to wok on projects that she hopes to enter in the Catawba Valley Quilters Guild Show held on Oct 12 & 13 2018, @ Hickory Convention Center, Hickory NC

Mark your Calendar

This is a fabulous Show

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Competition Brisket Recipe

Many people are not aware of difference in USDA Grades.  Top of the line in grocery stores is USDA Certified Angus Beef or CAB.  Actually USDA Prime is the best but normally you will not find in grocery stores.  It is reserved for restaurants.  You may get your butcher to special order but be ready to pay, pay, pay but will be worth the extra price.   Next would be USDA Choice which can be found fairly easy.  If you do not see the USDA seal with Choice, CAB or Prime, be aware it could be USDA Select.  USDA Select should be avoided and only as last choice.  These grades are determined by the animal's age, and the amount of fat between the 12th and 13th rib.  Fat is good and the more intramuscular fat, the better taste.     Select a brisket that is USDA Grade Choice, Prime or Certified Angus Beef. USDA Select would be your last choice due to less fat. DO NOT use Corned Beef which is cured with salt and other spices.
1.  Day before cooking:

  • -Remove from the cayovac wrapper.
  • -Rinse
  • -Trim fat but leaving 1/4 inch on the flat on outside. Remove  the fat vein between the flat and point to reduce cooking time.
  • -Salt (I like Lowerys) heavy and refrigerate overnight (at least 8 hrs if possible) wrapped in plastic wrap. Do not use rub unless you will not be injecting the brisket, otherwise it is okay to use rub.

2.  Cook day:
3.  Calculate when you want to serve brisket and back your time up.  You want it finished cooking 2-4 hours before serving.

  • Time examples: 
  • -12-18 lbs cook temperature 225°F for 10-12 hrs to reach finished temp 200°F internal. 
  • -5-10 lbs cook temperature 225°F for 5-7 hrs to reach finished temp 200°F internal

4.  Bring oven or smoker to 235°F (it will cool after adding meat), add Pecan wood. It will not overpower meat. Record time and temp on your cook log.

5.  While cooker is coming up to temperature, inject brisket with regular beef broth about ½ C.
6.  Apply Rub of your choice if not applied day before.  In Texas brisket is seasoned with only salt and pepper (sometimes garlic powder).

7.  Cook meat at 225°F-235°F or as per your cooker. Add wood once per half hour for two hours. No more wood after 2 hrs.  Don't forget to check charcoal.

8.  When internal temperature is 150°F - 165°F remove from smoker/oven, wrap in two layers of foil and add ¼ C beef broth.  Seal as tight as you can.

9.  Return to cooker until internal temperature is 200°F-203°F.  Check by inserting a thermometer though foil and should slide in the meat like going into melted butter if done.

10. Let it rest in ice cooler, without ice, wrapped in towels up to 2-4 hrs until ready to serve.  Do not open foil until ready to slice and serve. 

North Carolina Barbecue Society offers "Cooking Bootcamps" in May, July and September.  Click here for more information.  Cooking Bootcamp makes great Christmas and Birthday gifts for someone that has everything

If you have questions, call Alan 336-754-3123