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  Dogpatch Quilting offers longarm quilting services for that special heirloom quilt.  “Call me about making your pieced quilt top special and I will quilt it for you."   “Like” us on Dogpatch Quilting Facebook.

Phone for assistance  336-473-1765 / 336-754-3123
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Customer Quilts

​​​Quilting Services by Award Winning  Piecer & Quilter Linda Nichols

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Specializing In Longarm Quilting

Edge to Edge Quilting  $0.02 Per Sq Inch

100% Cotton Batting $0.005 Per Sq Inch

Straight Edge Quilt Machine Finished Binding  

$0.10 - $0.15  Per Linear Inch

Hand Finished Binding $0.25 Per Linear Inch

​Labels  $15 - $25