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 Linda Nichols

Famous Quilt People with Linda

Operation Houston
International Quilt Festival

November 2017 Newsletter

Deadline for guaranteed Christmas quilts was Oct 1st

 I, The Husband, have listened to Linda each year that we would go to Houston International Quilt Festival. This year that was accomplished. Below is a small sample of photos we took.
(The white strip at the bottom of some pictures is a plastic barrier)

 While at Atlanta Airport, Linda went to the bathroom. Two ladies came close to me. One had a quilted bag. I ask if they were going to Houston, which they were as well as maybe half of the plane. When Linda returned she heard Augusta's voice before seeing her and said Hi Augusta! 

Karen, Linda and Augusta

Rob Appel  "Man Quilter"

Angela Waters, The Midnight Quilter

Angelia Huffman, Quilted Joy,


Deb Tucker, Studio 180

​David Gilleland, Vector Design

​Helen Robinson, Sew Kind of Wonderful

Jen Pedigo, Sew Kind of Wonderful

​Jenny Doan, Missouri Star Company

John Flynn, Instructor and Inventor

​Linda has UFO from one of his classes

Peggy Thomas, 70273 Project

​Susan Edmondson

Fiber Artist and Instructor


Me and My Sister Design